All screenshots found below have been taken from the web-based version of QL. Depending on your game settings, you may experience the same quality and style of graphics and game play. Please note that some screenshots may show features which are only available to users with QL SDK access.


Below you can find more screenshots from the earlier releases of Quantum Legacy: Initial Tactics, as well as some concept art from some of the current game units seen today. More shots will be released in the upcoming months. Also, if you have a screenshot which you think should be featured on our website, send it to: Please note that at this time, all screenshots have to be taken in 800x600 resolution.



All screenshots seen here have been taken from the web-based version of Quantum Legacy: Initial Tactics

However, if you run the game , the quality of the graphics may not be identical to what you see here. All models, textures and effects depend on the hardware capabilities of your computer. For more information, see the “settings” portion of Quantum Legacy’s main menu.

Also note that some of the features and effects seen here may not have been released to the public as of yet, but should be available in the later versions of QL.